Texas Teachers Certification (ExCET)

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The Excet is a preparation course for the examination for new teachers in the state of Texas. As such, there are stringent guidelines for what these candidates are able to bring with them to the test and what they should and should not do in preparation for this examination. These preparation manuals are free and can be downloaded from the Internet onto your computer.

For the Excet portion of the examination, there are six downloads available. The first of these is called Art all level and the manual itself gives an overview of information about the testing program, a description of the learning objectives, and tips for taking the test itself.

There is also a section that describes how the tests are scored and that each person’s score is evaluated against a standardized set of criteria and not another person’s score. All the tests in the ExCET group are designed to reflect back the minimum amount of knowledge needed to teach in the Texas school system.

It is possible after you’ve taken the test to get an overview of you scores so that you may strengthen weak areas for the next approach.


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ExCET Subject Area Study Guides Available:

Art (All Levels)

Art (Secondary)

Hearing Impaired

Health Education

Physical Education (009)

Physical Education (010)


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